To Enable Para Athletes to achieve sporting Excellency and inspire and Excite Ugandans


Promote and support grass root structures to enable excelling Para Athletes participate in the National, Regional and International Paralympic Games.


1. Equality
2. Inspiration
3. Determination
4. Courage


1. Ability in Disability
2. Dignity and respect for all
3. Team Work and Unity Diversity
4. Equal access to physical Environment and information

What we do

Uganda Paralympic Committee (UPC) develops, coordinates and promotes Sports for people with disabilities. We are a National sports body in Uganda and work in all districts to further this cause.

How we do it

UPC works with its different Sports Associations and other stake holders like Disabled People’s Organizations, the government, International Sports Bodies and main stream sports federations.
This it ensures the development and activeness of its member Associations and strengthens its partnerships with the stake holders.
This encourages our athletes to aim towards Paralympic Games because it is the high point of all Paralympic athletes, They inspire others and encourage them to join and participate in Paralympic sports.


  1. To build capacity of UPC membership in order to sustain their sports activities.

  2. To create and strengthen networking and corroboration between the committee and other sports agencies at national, regional and international levels.

  3. To advocate for equalization of sport opportunities for women and children with disabilities.

  4. Support and encourage education, cultural, research and scientific activities that contribute to the development and promotion of the disability sports in Uganda.

  5. To promote the spirit of team work, fair play, justice prevails, violence is banned, the health risk of the athlete is managed and fundamental ethical principles are upheld.


The idea of participating in Paralympic Sports in Uganda started informally far back in 1972 but Uganda Paralympic Committee (UPC) the National body that is charged with the development, coordination and promotion of Sports for persons with disabilities in Uganda was formally/officially founded in 1992 by a group of disabled persons with interest in disability sports. They started by mobilizing fellow disabled to participate in the sports at local level and latter, they started going in for regional competitions within East Africa.
At International level, UPC is affiliated to International Paralympic Committee, African Paralympic Committee (APC), international Para sports associations and East African Paralympic Committee (EAPS).
Here in Uganda, Uganda Paralympic Committee is registered under Ministry of Lands as a legal entity to run sports for persons with disabilities and under over site by National Council of Sports – the government body in charge of all sports in the country.

Uganda at Paralympics

Uganda has competed at both the summer and Winter Paralympic Games.
The country made its Paralympic début at the 1972 Summer Games in Heidelberg, Germany, where it sent two male athletes to compete in javelin and shot-put. It competed again in 1976, with a single athlete in the men’s javelin, then ceased to compete in the Summer Games until 1996, when it fielded a single male competitor in power lifting. Since then, Uganda has taken part in every edition of the Summer Paralympic Games, although it had only one representative in 2000 (women’s swimming), two in 2004 (women’s athletics and men’s power lifting), and one in 2008 (men’s power lifting).

Uganda was the only African country to take part in the inaugural edition of the Winter Paralympics in 1976. It sent only one representative, Tofiri Kibuuka in cross-country skiing, who thus became the first African to compete at the Winter Paralympic Games. Uganda was again the only African nation at the 1980 Winter Paralympics, once more with Tofiri Kibuuka as its sole representative. Kibuuka subsequently obtained Norwegian nationality, and ceased to represent Uganda. Uganda has not taken part in any edition of the Winter Paralympics since 1980. Uganda was the only tropical nation ever to have competed at the Winter Paralympics, until Brazil made their debut in 2014 and one is of only two African countries to have done so, the other being South Africa, since 1998.

Uganda took part in the 2012 Summer Paralympics, and the Uganda National Paralympic Committee selected Bedford as the UK training base for its Paralympians. So far by 23/05/2012 only two athletes that is, Akullo Christine class T13 (100m) and Emong David class T46 (1500m and 5000m) have qualified for these games under the guidance of coach ssenkungu Jameson and Uganda Paralympic Committee General Secretary.

Recently, Uganda Made History in the 2016 Summer Paralympic Games when It got its first paralympic medal in the history of the country in 1500m T46. When David Emong became second after the Algerian paralympian took the Gold.